Advocate For People-Centered Democracy

Advocate For People-Centered Democracy

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vision, Issues, & Values

I’m Tish Naghise, and I’m running to represent Georgia’s State House District 68. 68 is South Fulton, Fairburn, Union City, North West Fayetteville, PTC, and Tyrone. 

I am a long-time supporter of Democratic values such as a people-centered democracy, where my tax dollars are to be used to give my fellow man a hand when he needs it, and inclusive of all people. 
I am a native Georgian from Adamsville part of Atlanta, to East Dekalb County, to College Park (currently South Fulton), and now Fayetteville. I’ve been in this community since 2002. 

I am running for this seat because I believe our democracy as a union is under attack. I have worked on many campaigns most notably Obama in 2008, 2012,  Hilary in 2016, Ossoff in 2017, Abrams in 2018.  I will receive my Master’s in December from Clayton State majoring in Strategic Leadership and Development. 

I’ve served my community and I want to continue to do so in the people’s house under the Gold Dome.  People have asked me when I was going to run for office and my response was always the same.  I’m still learning, and I will continue to learn by listening to the community.  I will hear their story and I will tell them mine and find common ground.

Dr. King in 1967 defined “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” MLK reminds us of the power we have as leaders to listen deeply and bring people together in discourse. 

I didn’t wake up this year and decided I want to be your voice at the State House. No, I want to be your leader and your voice that have ideas and convince others of their merit. A leader doesn’t figure out where everyone is going and then jump to the front of the line.  I am a worker and I need your help in getting me elected to serve you. 

My name is Tish Naghise and I want to represent you in the 68th District.

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Why you should choose

Tish Naghise

  • I am a believer in science and an advocate for Climate Change. 
  • I was elected to serve as Co-Chair of VP Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project-Atlanta Chapter.
  • I am working with my team on our strategy to combat climate change in the Metro Atlanta area.
  • I am a Small Business Owner of T & C Transportation Enterprises, Inc.,
  • I am the daughter of a man who was a Teamster Union member. 
  • I am a mother and a wife.
  • I am a Servant-Leader serving as a Postseat holder At-Large, a State Committee member with the DPG.
  • I’ve been a Presidential Delegate twice.
  • I received many accolades for my leadership and serving the community.
  • My platform will be voting rights, education bill, and Medicaid expansion.

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Dates To Remember

Earth Day 2022 – Friday, April 22

Early Voting Dates for the  May 24, 2022, Primary Election

May 2 -6, 2022 (9:00 – 5:00)
Mandatory Saturday Voting
May 7 , 2022(9:00 -5:00)
May 9- 13, 2022(9:00 -5:00)
Mandatory Saturday Voting
May 14, 2022 (9:00 -5:00)
May 16 -20, 2022(9:00 -5:00)

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