Tish Naghise

My name is Letitia Naghise (Tish). I have a BA in Political Science from Clayton State University and completed studies at Emory University to become a Certified Paralegal.

In addition, I am a Certified Fraud Examiner. I will complete my master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Development in 2023 from Clayton State University where I serve on the Alumni Advisory Board. I was appointed by State Court Judge Jason Thompson to serve on his Advisory Board for DUI/Drug and Veterans on January 1, 2022.

History & Accomplishments

My journey as a Community Service Advocate began a long time ago during the re-election of President Jimmy Carter. For a while, I wasn’t heavily involved in politics other than encouraging family and friends to register and to vote. I resurfaced in politics after my parents passed away, my children were stable, my business was succeeding, and my husband understood that I had to get involved.
In 2008 there was a call to join the then-Senator from Illinois team for his bid to become the President. I was a Fellows Organizer. I was trained on how to create leaders and the importance of recruiting. As I grew in my role as a Fellow, I learned how to hold a phone bank, conduct a canvass, and register voters. From that position, I was selected as a Team Leader when a volunteer office opened in Fayette County.
The office in Fayette did well and we had over 200 active volunteers supporting our efforts in 2008. Our team was very organized and supported the Clayton County office. In the Presidential Election, Fayette County residents cast 47% of the vote for Senator Obama. We registered over 1,000 new voters in our county (new residents and change of addresses). The President sent me a personal thank you letter (not a stamped signature) for my efforts and encouraged me to keep up the good work. Working in the Staffed Volunteer National Campaign as the Staging Location Director (SLD), the President won Clayton County, and did better than expected in Fayette and Spalding Counties.
In 2010, President Obama called on his most dedicated volunteers to help with the Affordable Health Care Act. We went to barber shops; beauty salons; made phone calls and knocked on some doors to have constituents to sign a petition to send to congress to pass the bill. As a result of our effort and all those signatures gathered, Congress finally passed the bill. I received a certificate from the White House for my leadership and support.
In 2016, I worked for the Democratic Party of Georgia(DPG) to elect Democrats all over the state. I was the Regional Field Director in the South Suburbs where Clayton County voter turnout went from 61% to 65% (85% for Hillary Clinton). It was the highest percentage per voter turnout in the State of Georgia.
I worked on “Jon Ossoff for Congress” as a Field Organizer in DeKalb County. My region was Tucker and it was the largest voter turnout in Dekalb County.
My latest venture was working with DPG as a Regional Field Director for the South Suburbs. We made history with the region exceeding expectations with voter turnout. Clayton County had 90,000 voters, with 85% for Democrats; Fayette flipped 2 voting precincts Blue and is the next county to turn Blue with 42% Democratic votes. Henry elected another Democratic Commissioner; Coweta and Spalding increased Democratic votes to 35%; and Rockdale and Newton remained Blue with record voter turnout.
In 2019, I worked with Fair Count to ensure Georgia residents completed the 2020 U. S. Census. My hard work and determination ensured that my region of Metro Atlanta (22 counties) completed the census. As a result, my region had the highest return rate of the census with a median percentage of 70% for all 22 counties with Fayette having the highest completion rate.
My current position as the Engagement Organizer for Georgia Conservation Voters allows me to educate the community on climate change and how we need to preserve our planet.

Lastly, I was recently elected to lead as the Co-Chair of VP Al Gore’s Climate Reality Change of Atlanta.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2013 Business Women of the Year
  • 2014 Women’s Leadership Award from State Senate
  • 2014 Ernie Broadwell Award for Leadership
  • 2016 Walker High School Civic Leadership Award
  • 2017 The Burlene Morrow Award


I am endorsed by:

  • Fayette Councilman Joe Clark
  • Fayette School Board member Leonard Presberg
  • Former Georgia State Representative Virgil Fludd
  • Fayette Commissioner Charles Rousseau
  • Jon Kirkpatrick (Previous Henry County Democratic Party Chair)
  • Ed Barlow, President CWA (Communications Workers of America) Local 3204
  • Attorney Ronnie Mabra of the Mabra Law Firm
  • Fair Fight
  • Representative Derrick Jackson

Endorsement from Representative Derrick Jackson

New Endorsements Announced During Capitol Press Conference

The need to reverse Georgia’s draconian six-week abortion ban pushed by Governor Brian Kemp and passed the Republican controlled Georgia General Assembly in 2019 dominated speeches delivered Thursday’s press conference announcing an additional 22 WIN List endorsed women.

The press conference date was set weeks ago and only by coincidence occurred the day after an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling which put the six-week ban into effect immediately, making “access to abortion in Georgia more limited than anytime since the 1960’s – before I was born,” said WIN List Board Chair Wendi Clifton.

“This law will have a chilling effect on medical care for ALL women, making doctors reluctant to order a wide range of medically necessary prescriptions and procedures needed by those of childbearing age even when they are not pregnant,” Ms. Clifton said. “A six-week abortion ban will have adverse on impact on the medical care available for those experiencing complicated pregnancies or miscarriages.”

The 22 newly endorsed candidates join a group of 47 previously endorsed candidates including three women endorsed in statewide contests: Stacey Abrams for Governor, Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State and Jen Jordan for Attorney General as well as 10 Senate candidates and 36 House candidates. This slate is the largest ever for Georgia WIN List during our 22-year history.

“Women belong in all the rooms where decisions are being made,” Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler said. “Remember what (the late) Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm always said, ‘If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.’”

Georgia’s 2019 six-week abortion ban passed with 92 of 180 House votes – just one more than the required constitutional majority. In 2020, WIN List endorsed candidates FLIPped three seats from Red to Blue. In November, we must re-elect all currently serving pro-choice incumbents and add to their numbers. Fortunately, with a record-setting 59 candidates on the ballot in November, we are ready to finish the job of turning Georgia Blue in 2022!

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